These images were exhibited alongside a collaborative video made for the group show ‘Visible Justice’ held at London College of Communication in Spring 2019.

The film explores experiences of Chinese migration and isolation, through the lens of surveillance and artificial-intelligence, told within the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto V. 

After considering new texts on artificial intelligence and surveillance capitalism, I screen captured images of surveillance and marketing within GTA V, recognising the omnipresence of visual tracking-technology and the ways in which they follow our movements, even within our own virtual worlds.

'What are your lines? What map are you in the process of making or rearranging? What abstract line will you draw, and at what price, for yourself and for others?' (Deleuze and Guattari 1987: 203)

Project collaboration: all (research,  discussion and script writing). Film credits: David Blandy (visuals), Chong Sha (voice recordings), Tingbin Wang (voice recordings), Christina Grey.

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